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If you're going to use something everyday, it needs to be well-made and durable. But it might as well look good too. We choose beautiful fabrics, and we make our products for you to keep, not to discard after only a few uses. Our hankies, showercaps, and our new velvet purses make beautiful gifts, and are perfect for posting.

Our showercaps

Shameful showercaps have a cotton outer, and are lined with water resistant fabric like that used in shower curtains, tents, and umbrellas. The cotton outer will get wet during your shower, but the lining will keep your hair dry.

Choosing the size

Shameful showercaps come in three sizes: Big, Regular and Petite. Petite are mostly suitable for children. If you have long hair, big hair, or a big head, opt for a Big showercap over the Regular size. Otherwise, either a Big or Regular will be fine. 

How to wear your Shameful showercap

If you have long hair, you may find it helpful to put your hair up with a clip. Place your Shameful showercap on your head until it sits comfortably on your forehead. From front to back, tuck in your hair at the hairline.

Looking after your Shameful showercap

After use, put your Shameful showercap somewhere to dry overnight for use the next day. Although not essential, showercaps can be washed in the machine. Choose a cycle with a cool to warm temperature, and wash with like colours. Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.

If you have any questions, write to us via the Contact page.